Each year CAPA offers its members an opportunity to apply for several scholarships given in honor of some of the outstanding leaders of the activity profession. Applications for each scholarship are accepted between February 1st and May 1st each year. The recipients are announced at the June annual end-of-year meeting.

Scholarships are open to all CAPA Individual and Facility Members. Please download the forms below and email your application and letters of recommendation to Paul Nustra, Scholarship Chairman, by May 1st.

Madge Schweinsberg Memorial Scholarship

The Madge Schweinsberg Memorial Scholarship pays the cost of registration to the IAPA conference for an activity director and CAPA member planning to attend the IAPA conference.

Madge, formerly a teacher and interior decorator, was offered the position as an activity director by her brother, a nursing home administrator. With her strong background in art and teaching, and her love of music, he knew she would make an outstanding activity director, a job she did with great expertise and enthusiasm for approximately twenty years. Having no experience in nursing homes, Madge recognized the need for activity directors to have more education in order to do their jobs effectively. Because there was a lack of information on activities as a profession, she helped organize what used to be CAPA, now CAPA, which led to IAPA, and eventually NAAP. She was instrumental in establishing NCCAP and served as the first reviewer for professional certification. Madge was a true visionary in the field of activities and her influence is still felt more than thirty years later.

Download Madge Schweinsberg Application/Nomination Form (.doc)

Gayle Allen-Burket Memorial Scholarship

The Gayle Allen-Burket Memorial Scholarship  pays the cost for one of the following:$75 worth of activity resources/supplies; or a complimentary 2019-2020 CAPA Facility Membership” 

Gayle began her career as an activity assistant. Throughout her career, she stressed the importance of activity assistants taking advantage of educational opportunities available to them. She was a mentor to many activity professionals and a nationally known educator in the field of activities. As a leader of what used to be known as CAPA (now CAPA) and IAPA, she encouraged both organizations to offer continuing education geared toward activity assistants in the field. With her encouragement and help many activity assistants have gone on to become activity directors, consultants, and leaders in the profession.

Download Gayle Allen-Burket Application/Nomination Form (.doc)

Cindy Gearring Memorial Scholarship

The Cindy Gearring Memorial Scholarship is a one-year membership to CAPA.


Cindy was a long-time CAPA (now CAPA) member. She worked in activities with the elderly, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled populations. Cindy gave herself to her profession, was always willing to help others, and was a mentor to members of CAPA. As a long-time member of the executive board, Cindy worked tirelessly on many projects and always supported all of the association’s efforts.

Download Cindy Gearring Application/Nomination Form (.doc)

Susan Quattrochi-Tubin Fellowship

The Susan Quattrochi-Tubin Fellowship pays the cost of tuition for a CAPA member to take the Activity Director’s Basic Course.

Susan teaches the Activity Director’s Basic Course at Oakton Community College and has been a leader in the field of activities for over twenty-five years. Her enthusiasm for the work she does is truly inspirational. She has presented workshops on all subjects pertaining to activities and written many articles for professional journals. She is an inspiration and mentor to many in her chosen profession.

Download Susan Quattrochi-Tubin Application/Nomination Form (.doc)

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