There is a new way to become credentialed as an Activity Professional, which is easier to attain and less expensive than other options. At its midyear Board meeting, NAAP listened to its members who have been asking for another credentialing option by launching the NAAP Credentialing Center.

The Credentialing Center is a separate entity, with its own Board of Directors, bank accounts (there can be no co-mingling of funds), website, and Liaison to NAAP. For the next two years, those who have been certified under several different entities (these are listed on the application) can take advantage of a grandfathering period. These individuals will not have to take the national exam.

A complete credentialing packet and other information about this new credentialing can be found at: For those not already certified, choose “Application” from the menu on the left of the page. For those who are already certified, choose “Grandfathering” from the menu on the left of the page.

NAAP (the educational body) will be developing a course, which will be offered online. This means that the course will be taught the same way across the country and won’t be open to the interpretation of the instructor.

The Credentialing Center has developed a test with 250 random questions that will be changed and rotated constantly. The test will be given at the Annual NAAP Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC in March/April. It will also be offered online once the Credentialing Center chooses the right group to administer the test.

After reviewing many reference books, NAAP recommends Long Term Care for Activity and Social Service Professionals by Elizabeth Best Martini, MS, CTRS, ACC as a study guide for the test. This book is $30 and is available at

NAAP Credentialing Center

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